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How to select the roll forming machine

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Author : li ping
Update time : 2021-04-13 15:01:18
     How to select the roll forming machine
     A practical and effective tile press can bring good income, but the price of a equipment is not low, so the purchase of tile press needs to weigh many aspects, the main several aspects we have summarized for you!Let's take a look!
   Complete tile press its components include: the whole machine, PLC computer control system, hydraulic pump station system, automatic shearing system, etc.

1. First of all, determine the type and type of machine you need to purchase at present, such as veneer trapezoidal 840/ arc 836 or composite board foam composite board/rock wool sandwich composite board. If you need to customize the machine version, our factory has a professional design team and engineer team can provide free services for you to design a special version.When it is clear what is needed, it can effectively communicate with the manufacturer to save time.



2. Secondly, when selecting a factory, we should pay attention to the scale and strength of the factory, the service and after-sales team, and the innovative processing technology, etc., which are the most important points to consider when purchasing machines.Some manufacturer of tile press after a long-distance transportation, lifting will be readjusted, it shall be from the production tile press fitting level about the selection of raw materials and workers, raw material choose and decide whether the machine is easy to deformation and service life, then there is manufacturing process, process and assembly level also decided the quality of the tile press.Choose good raw materials and perfect manufacturing technology, process will make the equipment durable, never deformation, quality stability;Experienced and skilled assembly technicians assemble the tile will make the connection and fastening of each component just right, such as the adjustment of the bearing position: the four top wires should be in place but also do not relax, otherwise the top wire is too tight will reduce the service life of the bearing and the motor, the motor pulling effort will lead to current overload and heat and burn out the motor;If too loose after long distance transportation bumps before and after the dislocation of the upper and lower rollers, the production of color steel tile edges will also be dislocation, unable to meet the quality requirements, need to be readjusted to use.Our factory has all kinds of advanced equipment, milling machine, grinder, lathe, and is our city only a mature technology with large gantry milling factory, shaft, wheel, medium plate, raw materials, such as processing and assembling are made by our factory, can appear in the machine for you the first time after wear factory original accessories, ensure not affect machine used again.Another professional and mature after-sales service team, to provide you with worry-free after-sales service.



3. In the purchase of tile press, the manufacturers say that their equipment is good, customers do not know how to choose to buy.


A. If the price is very low, the quality of the tile press will not be good, because no manufacturer can sell equipment at A loss, and it makes sense to pay A price for goods;


B. From the overall view of the machine to see its work, take your naked eye to see the first spray paint color is not correct, if the feeling of color is positive, high brightness means that the manufacturer of paint quality is good;


C. Check whether the materials used in the main plate and H steel meet your standard;


D. See whether each screw is of good quality and high strength;


E. The most important, the electrical control system is not produced by a regular manufacturer, because electrical is very important, it determines the stability of each production link of your machine can be controlled and completed.



4 in the purchase of a multi-purpose machine to consider the equipment, such as double-layer equipment 900/840, 836/910 integrated tile press;The new 1000 trapezoidal veneer developed by our factory can be used for one machine and four purposes;CZ section steel integrated machine;Foam and rock wool integrated composite plate machine can save your production space, greatly improve the production efficiency, better output rate, faster revenue cycle, so that your cost in the shortest time to get returns and benefits.At the same time, the introduction of new equipment can also meet some special production requirements, such as high tension or special material products, or the production of different lengths and widths of products, so as to bring you more profits.